Frédéric Furnelle 2005 Mixed installation
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The realisation of an installation combining photos, sounds and film on the subject of contemporary Brussels, as seen by its inhabitants, with the word "LiNK", as a leitmotif. Links between the inhabitants, links between the images and the sounds, links between the layout of the images, etc...


The BRUSSELiNK exhibition will be composed of 12 panels of 1m x 3m arranged next to each other in a large room. Each panel will consist of a mosaic of 91 photos and will have a sound source linked to the content of the images. The visitor/viewer will have different sensations during his visit: from a distance he will see waves of colours with a cacophony of city sounds, and the closer he gets the more recognisable the images will be and he will be able to understand the voices and hear the individual sounds. In a separate room, there will also be a 45-minute projection of the most interesting images and sounds.
In the exhibition, visitors will be able to create their own "reportage" of the city by choosing the subjects and the length of their visit. In the projection area there will be my own vision of the reportage with my personal selections.


The aim of the project is to show the different communities in Brussels. To this end, I am exploring my own city, meeting many people. I hope to gain a better understanding of the communities and to make them known. Furthermore, I would like to show the relationship (the link) between the people and the city. It is important to see the city live; in every building there is something going on.
To achieve my goal, I will accompany people in their daily life, at home, at work, on public transport, at parties, etc. During interviews, these people will have the opportunity to share their vision of the city and to tell us about specific places that are important to them, their personal link with Brussels.
The focus is therefore on the inhabitants. Everyone is the same, you have to eat, work, sleep and party... Everyone lives in his or her environment.
It is not my intention to show a tourist postcard of Brussels and to make a series of images representing the historical monuments, nor to photograph only the 'typical Brussels citizen'.

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